Astro Tarot

Astrology deals with a relationship between astronomical phenomenon and the events in our life. Tarot is a form of divination using cards that links the past , present and future.

Our experience lies in combining these two very diverse fields and with the ability of our psychic energy , help you with any questions relating to your love life, relationships, career, money, health , family decisions or any other troublesome life situation.

A comprehensive Astro tarot reading combined with a psychic energy provides to with answers and solutions you have been looking for.

Why do it?

  • The reading is very deep and rich and completely personalised. Every reading gives the keys to the individual soul and is very distinctive.
  • It helps you to understand your soul desires in a very clear way. It helps you look into yourself at the very core level.
  • We all have blocks and obstacles in our life that keep stopping us from manifesting our desires. These readings help you identify these and find methods to heal the blocks.

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